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" Unfairness occurs when one group is dealt with in terms of another group culture."

Virtual Sisters aims to provide opportunities to meet and engage with Aboriginal women on-line for cross-cultural exchange, for better mutual understanding and for appropriate resource support.


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Broader Understanding: Cross Cultural Awareness
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Advocacy & Lobbying advocacy@virtualsisters.org.au

" Indigenous women must be integrated into their countries' decision-making so they can reclaim their right to make informed choices about their lives ..." UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, March 2004

As Mudgin-Gal is an on-the-ground community organisation, it is best placed to provide information on the issues affecting indigenous women in its constituency. There is no better source than direct consultation with the workers, volunteers and women of Mudgin-Gal.

Connections with other interested organisations, professional associations and political leaders would ensure that original, primary data is available for advocacy, educational and funding purposes thereby enabling the community to take an active role in the process of creating policy.

Virtual Sisters who have this access available to them can become forceful and influential advocates for an otherwise disempowered community.

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Funding Submissions & Grant Applications grants@virtualsisters.org.au

Every year there are large buckets of funding in corporate and departmental budgets which are inaccesssible to organisations like Mudgin-Gal - funding which seeks to address issues of domestic violence, child abuse, family support, substance abuse, poverty and after prison support.

Mudgin-Gal staff do not have the time and, in some instances, the expertise necessary to source and compete for additional funding, which is vital for the survival and independence of the organisation. It cannot successfully compete for funding against the more powerful, highly trained and staffed Non Government Organisation (NGO's) which often have the backing of a church or charitable organisation.

Mudgin-Gal is the only organisation which confronts all these issues on a daily basis in an Aboriginal way. It receives very little financial support, sufficient only to employ 1.5 full-time workers. To maintain its independence and power to determine its own direction and programming, Mudgin-Gal is not aligned with any parent, peak or outside organisation.

Virtual Sisters who have the experience in this area can help to remedy this inequity by helping to:

• write a funding submission or grant application
• develop programme proposals from Mudgin-Gal policy
• locate advertised funding opportunities in the corporate and public domain.

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Mentoring & Training Partnerships mentoring@virtualsisters.org.au

Virtual Sisters can create opportunities for mentoring  and/or  training  partnerships in their company or business by:

• recommending the development of an Aboriginal women's employment strategy
• initiating in-house cultural awareness seminars conducted by Mudgin-Gal women to ensure a respectful and knowledgeable working environment
• creating positions for trainees and finding appropriate individual mentors
• sourcing and facilitating further training and education for Aboriginal trainees and employees.

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Skills Sharing skillshare@virtualsisters.org.au

Virtual Sisters need your ideas, skills, talent and expertise in areas such as (but not limited to)

• personal and family financial management
• professional advice for incubator businesses
• assistance with developing procedures and policy manuals
• assessing data to produce outcome reports, trends and future needs
• managing computer literacy programmes in partnership with the Redfern Computer Centre
• IT & website expansion and support
• conducting health & well-being groups: yoga, nutrition, relaxation & stress management.

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Broader Understanding: Cross Cultural Awareness crossculture@virtualsisters.org.au

Become better informed about Aboriginal culture, priorities and what it means to be black in today's society. Organise a friends group, workplace, school, floor, office or practice to participate in a  workshop which can be developed and conducted by Mudgin-Gal women.

Home Maintenace, Drives and Collections maintenance@virtualsisters.org.au

Mudgin-Gal operates discreet, short-term housing for women and children in crisis. The houses are in need of repair. You might be able to organise working bees or suggest trades-people you might know who would donate some time to ensure that the buildings are safe and as homely as they can be.

Send an email to put yours or other volunteer's names on the list.

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Donations & Fundraising Events fundraising@virtualsisters.org.au

Whilst the primary contribution of  Virtual Sisters will not be financial, some may have lateral fundraising ideas unique to their group, workplace or community. These would be most welcome.

Making donations, or soliciting them from others, may be the form of support provided by Virtual Sisters who do not have the time to commit in other areas.

For tax deductibility, sending cheques and receiving receipts, please see the Join Up webpage or email info@virtualsisters.org.au for more information.

All proceeds will be used solely for Mudgin-Gal projects and staff wages. Fundraising in the name of Virtual Sisters, must be authorized and certain procedures adhered to.

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Critical Support support@virtualsisters.org.au

The staff and volunteers of Mudgin-Gal need hands-on assistance with many of their core activities including grief & loss support, court support, anti-violence mediation and anger management.

Whilst the face-to-face work is handled by Aboriginal women, assistance from volunteer Virtual Sisters on a case-by-case basis would be a great help.

To apply to be on the list of names for emergency assistance, please contact the above email

Your Ideas & Suggestions info@virtualsisters.org.au

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